Prostate Cancer Research Studies Vote 'Soy Yes, Dairy No'

Controversy abounds on this topic; however, numerous studies over the past decade have shown a solid connection between the risk of prostate cancer and dairy consumption. A cohort study just published in mid 2005 by the American Journal of Nutrition showed that men with the highest dietary intake of dairy foods were 2.2 times more likely to develop prostate cancer than men with the lowest dietary intake of dairy foods.

Prior theories circled around the increase in IGF-1 (insulin growth hormone) seen in milk drinkers. High levels of IGF-1 have been directly linked to various hormonal cancers. Although this theory may still hold some validity, research has uncovered a potential cause that has further heated the debate on dairy and prostate cancer, calcium. The same study referenced above showed a 2.2 times increase in prostate cancer risk for men with the highest dietary calcium intake over those with the lowest. Another study in 2001 observed over 20,000 men, and concluded that men who consumed more than 600mg of daily calcium from dairy products had a 32% higher risk of prostate cancer than men who consumed less than 150mg of daily calcium from dairy products. This came as quite a shock, since the USDA recommends a minimum of 1200mg of daily calcium for men over 50, and 1000mg for men aged 19 to 50. These studies have spurred more medical research into this possible dairy calcium-prostate cancer connection.

Luckily, the news on prostate cancer isn't all that bad. Several other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals have been given a gold star for their potential to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Fructose (fruit), selenium (seafood, mushrooms, grains), vitamin D (sunshine), vitamin E (nuts, seeds, & greens), lycopene (tomatoes), soy...wait a minute...did we just mention soy in a discussion of men's health? Oh yes, it seems that a prospective study in the US indicated a 70% reduction in the risk of prostate cancer among men who consumed more than one serving of soy milk per day.

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The Truth About Natural Remedies For Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a very serious disease that is claiming the lives of able and strong people all over the world. The rise in the number of men diagnosed with prostate cancer however is not surprising given the increase in the age of our population. With the baby boomer bubble now reaching around 60 years old, were looking for treatments and natural remedies to deal with this mostly senior disease.

Prostate cancer is typically considered a disease that usually affects men in their later years. This isn't to say the prostate cancer is ONLY a senior disease as some men have been diagnosed as early as their mid-30s with this type of cancer. There is research to suggest that prostate cancer may at least in part be hereditary. That is, if your father, uncle's or other close male relatives have or have had prostate cancer, your risk goes up dramatically.

Although agent heredity has been identified as major contributors to the increase in prostate cancer, there are a lot of things we can do to proactively prevent the disease or limit its impact on our lives. This is where natural remedies can really shine.

It's no secret that a healthy body is better able to fight off disease. It stands to reason than, that a natural, proactive remedy such as staying fit an active can only help.
Add to an active lifestyle, a low-fat diet, along with vitamins, minerals, and supplements to strengthen our immune system, and we have a strong arsenal to fight off many diseases such as prostate cancer. Let's be clear however, that I'm not suggesting a healthy lifestyle and vitamin supplements can cure cancer or even keep you from getting the disease.
Still, a healthy body, well charged with the necessary vitamins and minerals, can more effectively fight off a variety of illnesses and diseases. And in the event that a disease such as prostate cancer would take hold, a healthy body is better able to withstand the medical treatments that may be necessary to attack and cure the cancerous condition.

So although we may call them natural cures, the alternative medicine approach is much more effective in sustaining our outlook and body to ward off diseases in the first place. No matter how out of shape you may be, start today to make yourself healthier.

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