What Is Asbestos? (Version 2)

What Is Asbestos?
It is to use a combination of silicate minerals for commercial desired physical properties such as asbestos. Asbestos word from the Greek word meaning "to turn off it. Impossible" asbestos in the history of the use of the original asbestinon nature and this term, which means Pliny naturalist of Rome long-term "or not being" controlled can be attributed to the Elder "in the wild".

Asbestos, had become popular among the latter part of the 19th century architecture and the manufacturer. Because of its affordable sound absorption, average tensile strength, resistance to fire and heat and electrical and chemical damage

Are used in applications such as wire insulation and building insulation panels such. Asbestos is used to fight fire or heat, are woven into fabric or mats or mixed with cement (cement fiber result) often fiber.

Inhalation of asbestos fibers, you will be able to asbestos, pleural mesothelioma and lung disease, and lung cancer.

Greater risk of disease, such as increased intake of fiber and risk of lung cancer from inhaling asbestos fibers you smoke. Usually, symptoms of the disease do not appear until years after exposure first 20-30 to asbestos.

You can find out where the asbestos

You are in your home where you can find a few places where asbestos:
· Downpipes rainwater eaves, soffits, and gutter Fire blanket, Thatched hut and garage
· Panelling thatched roof and wall or door Insulation of these panels in some storage
- Bathtub Exhaust steam heating system Lot of asbestos packing between wood and wall

Tile For asbestos removal

You can have the first two options, you can remove it by yourself, if you find asbestos in your environment, you can hire a professional second to them. If you are planning to be aware of the following: u that you

• Use a dust mask approved for asbestos,

· Wear disposable coveralls

• Keep other people from the region

Wet materials are not ready to check out a small amount of water and dish soap, the possibility of premature contact with electricity

-Always without interruption, to remove all or part of the leaf

· I do not put a small plastic bag and seal small, strong brands and

· Clean the dust with a damp cloth, then while wet, sealed in a plastic bag

• It is possible to pass through the dust filter vacuum cleaner for every home, please do not use

Double-wrapped in heavy plastic bag If asbestos waste or full-duplex.

If you are using your own asbestos removed from your home, you will usually need to be disposed of separately from household waste.
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