The Truth About Prostate Cancer Warning Signs

Prostate cancer warning signs...

Every man should be concerned about their prostate's health.

Indeed, for men not paying attention to it, it can be deadly as prostate cancer comes second only to lung cancer with respect to cancer-caused deaths for American men...and is near the top for Canadian men as well.

Prostate cancer is also the most common type of cancer for men in the United States. Tens of thousands of new cases are diagnosed yearly.

Although there is most likely a hereditary component to your chances of getting prostate cancer, like many things in life, a lot of it comes down to choices you make, such as taking quality prostate health promoting supplements and eating food for good prostate health.

Prostate cancer warning signs

Although the aforementioned prostate statistics don't seem to be good, the truth of the matter is that if prostate cancer is detected early, treatments are often very successful and chances of surviving are very high.

Therefore, one of the best things you can do other than take the necessary supplement and dietary steps to promote good prostate health is to have what is called a PSA test (prostate specific antigen tests) done every year. It doesn't take long and it's not painful so don't put it off.

The drawback of the PSA test is that it isn't perfect in what it reveals.

Now, what about prostate cancer warning signs?

Well, unfortunately, prostate cancer does not really give off any warning signs.

In addition, another confusing aspect is that most of the possible warning signs, if they appear, are also the same signs for other prostate health problems that are non-cancerous in nature, such as BPH, which is called an enlarged prostate gland.

However, these signs are still worth mentioning.

The following are some potential prostate cancer warning signs or signs of BPH:

    incomplete emptying of the bladder
    difficulty starting urination
    reduced force of the stream
    frequent urination of small amounts
    pain with urination
    ejaculation pain
    blood in the urine

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