Finding a New Appreciation For Life After Cancer

I have just spent a delightful two weeks with my sister, Joy. Joy is the strong, energetic type who enjoyed a daily run before starting her teaching job. She had recovered well from a total mastectomy due to breast cancer twenty three years ago, and for the last two years had been having regular check ups for polyps in the bowel.

While running early one morning, she noted her foot was hurting. It was still troubling her several days later, so she decided to make an appointment with her doctor. The doctor examined her foot and suggested it would be a good idea to have a routine blood test.

This showed that Joy was anemic, which prompted the Doctor to do a colonoscopy. Wilma's other sister rang with the disturbing news! The colonoscopy revealed Joy had colon cancer and faced the difficult decision to have the whole bowel, or a major part of the bowel removed.

Six weeks after surgery and in between chemotherapy, Joy came to me to recover. "I am going to enjoy every day," she said. "This has made me appreciate life, as none of us know what is in the future." And enjoy every day we did! During our bush walks the birds seemed to sing louder and sweeter, the moss appeared greener, the trees bigger. To Joy, the mountains were awesome, and the walk along the beach with the feel of the sand between her toes and the clear blue water were described as, 'just beautiful'.

Joy praises God for every new day

As nature came alive and Joy took on a new appreciation of it, I was drawn to this thought for the week.

"When men invented flying machines they were noisy, but God made songbirds so they could sing the purest music on earth! (Genesis chapter 1, verse 21)

The sophisticated song mechanism of birds leaves scientists speechless. Birds are such skilled musicians that it often requires someone with a degree in music to fully appreciate their brilliance. Nightingales can have a repertoire of 300 songs stored in their brains! They will often sing 70 songs before they repeat the repertoire again with perfect accuracy. Many birds have 'absolute pitch', meaning that they can determine exactly what key they sing in without reference to anything like a tuning fork!

Some birds can perform antiphonal singing where two birds alternate notes in a song. This requires knowledge of the duet by both partners and split second timing in the execution of the duet. When human beings do this it's considered very skillful and impressive yet birds can accomplish it easily! Since man-made music has an intelligent composer, it's perfectly reasonable to assume that birdsong has an intelligent, divine Composer.

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