Are You Afraid to Get A Colonoscopy?

I'm 26 years old and I had to have my first colonoscopy done a few months back. My grandmother had and lost her battle against colon cancer. Of course this made me scared of what they may find but I found the American Cancer Society website useful to help calm down my nerves.

The only thing that you should really dread, if any, is the prep process. The prep time consists of drinking medicines that will help clean out your system. Of course you will not be able to have anything to eat or drink that is solid or has any type of flavor, unless you like broth and jell-o as long as it is not red. You will then spend pretty much all day in the bathroom. While I was prepping I came up with a few ideas to help make the prep time more productive.

Make sure you bring in a book or magazine, move your TV into your bathroom if you have space, use your laptop to play games on the internet or instant message your friends and see if they can guess what you are doing, play a hand-held videogame, if you are a female, paint your toe/ finger nails and wax/ shave your legs and one thing you need to always remember is to MAKE SURE YOU TAKE YOUR PHONE INTO THE BATHROOM. You never know when the moment will hit when you have to "go". After all, it always seems that people call you whenever you are in the bathroom. I hope this will help you with making the prep time a bit easier to deal with.

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