Breast Cancer Tips As Part Of Stress Management Solutions

During recent times, when my life was really full of stress, I had a routine breast scan which showed an abnormality.

I was actually lucky - but that comes later.

At the time, as I've described to you on my website,I was dealing with terminal illness in my Dad, unemployment in my husband, a house move and a rebellious, debt ridden child.

Just the time for a breast cancer scare then!

As I went off for the follow up scan I was quite surprisingly angry. I begrudged the time spent on checking up on my breast, I thought it was a really inappropriate time for this to happen ( like when is there ever an appropriate time!) and I just wanted to get on with sorting out the chaos which was my life at that time.

This strange reaction actually helped me. I wasn't particularly nervous about the scan and when I met the staff they were helpful, kind and supportive.

Instead of this scare being top of my stress list it was actually quite a way down it - and that really helped.

Luckily for me the results came through as negative and all was OK. But it did make me focus on just how important it is to show our breasts some TLC. I've put together some helpful tips which can easily be followed.

Touch your breasts - do you feel anything even slightly unusual?

Look for changes - be especially aware of shape and texture

Check with your doctor if you find anything you are worried about

Ask your friends if you are worried

Here are some more detailed changes you need to look out for.

Size or shape - one breast may become larger or lower than the other

Skin texture - is there any dimpling or puckering?

Nipples - have they changed - does one turn in now? does one look different?

Discharge - is there a blood stained discharge to one or both nipple? - Go to your doctor immediately

Rash - is there a rash or crusting around the nipple?

Lumps - is there a lump in the breast or armpit area? Whatever the size, even tiny, get it checked

After a period - is there still a thickening or lumpy area of the breast tissue?

Pain - is there pain in part of the breast or armpit that is unrelated to periods?

Being breast aware is vital to your future health.

Nearly 80% of all breast cancers are detected by women who report changes to their doctor.

Being breast aware is crucial for early diagnosis and treatment

source : ezinearticles

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