Living With Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is generally a slowly developing disease. While 1 man in 6 will get prostate cancer during his lifetime, only 1 in 34 will die of this condition. This situation happens when a cancerous cell or two migrate to a bone some place while it is still undetectable even with screening. Then it can sit there and decide to go active (metastasize) some time later (even years later). Once it starts up in the bone, patient dies within 1 to 3 years.
What may kill patients directly are "complications of cancer". The most common complication is pneumonia. People in the medical profession often call it the "sick man's friend". What lead to the pneumonia is spending 24 hours a day, seven days a week in loneliness, fear and pessimism. The resulting loss of appetite, will to live and more unbearable pain. In less than five-six months patients encountering such kind of pain, go from walking, to walking with a limp, to walking with a cane, to a wheelchair and finally being bedridden. In the end, even morphine is hard pressed to fight the pain.
The conclusion is a prostate cancer patient isn't a hopeless person. He must understand that in high majority of cases, the illness moves very slow, so he must enjoy life and world as much as any other man does. Technically, prostate cancer sufferers could live more than 10 years with any type of cancer they have and the survive rate is increasing. Doctors say that more people die with prostate cancer than because of it

source : ezinearticles

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