Lung Cancer- The story is truth

Lung cancer has become the most lethal of all cancers in many developed countries including the United States, where nearly 160,000 people die annually from diseases of the world: This cancer kills about 3.5 million people each years, surprising when you consider a chat that is largely preventable.
More than one billion people worldwide are smokers, but nine out of ten cases of lung cancer caused by smoking. 2020 An estimated ten million people a year die from smoking-related diseases and to take radical measures to limit the advance of the snuff industry of mega-dollar in the third world countries, about three quarters of these ten million deaths in developing countries.
The development of lung cancer.
Good rich countries, public health message that hit home and deaths from lung cancer is decreasing bad news is that if you started smoking 40 years ago (before the dangers are known), and has been diagnosed with lung cancer today, only have a small chance of surviving more than a year: Lung cancer is rarely detected early, but if it does, the prognosis is good treatment, both timely and appropriate, activists are demanding more money for research and early detection and better treatment .. But the disease in developed countries receive less money than other types of cancer, which attract public sympathy (eg, breast and prostate).
Lung cancer and passive smoking
There is a stigma associated with lung cancer and treatment, the patient is likely to lead to a particularly serious for those who started to smoke, knowing the risks to the victims of passive smoking.

Due to government regulations and public education, the long-term reduction of the image of lung cancer cases in the richer parts of the world is very optimistic. This is the case in poor countries, which led the genius of snuff again. Tired of advertising and supervision to prevent countries like Britain and the United States, snuff manufacturers, since their eyes are fixed places in developing countries, governments and easily took the promise of substantial foreign investment.

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