How To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Most of the people, who said that there is danger of basking in the sun explains reallyaffect health. However, a study said direct sun exposure to the sun was lowering the risk of breast cancer.Various sites on the internet featuring interesting sunbathing habits reduce therisk of breast cancer with different writing and discussion. Centralartikel will reviewsunbathing habits to reduce breast cancer as follows.

You need to know the readers blogiztic, basking in the sun within 3 hours is stillconsidered safe. Besides safety, the benefits of basking in the sun exposure is alsolikely to decrease breast cancer risk 50 percent.Routine activities carried out by soaking method produces powerful cancer antaicompounds that can stimulate the body's production of vitamin D in the skin. Besidesbreast cells have the ability to convert vitamin D into a kind of anti-cancer hormone.

facts about this research study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology can be concluded that women who sunbathe and get enough sunlight for 21 hours a week during adolescence had a decreased risk of developing breast cancerup to 29% compared with those who just bask for a hours only

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