Lung Cancer Mesothelioma -Non-Smokers at Risk

 Most of the non-smokers we, we are at the end. Feel a little "was worried about this disease, in a recent survey there is a risk of developing has been smoking. The disease and get lung cancer it is, According to all of us, and people who have never smoked the British Medical Journal, before. In fact, you can be the death of about 50,000 people every year due to toxic gas and sidestream smoke. lung cancer, smoking is not a person

Although not discussed rarely, toxic fumes and environmental toxins in the air in the workplace, has contributed to the deaths due to lung cancer. For example, asbestos-related occupational exposure to exhaust gas, diesel vehicles, with an increased risk of developing lung cancer is a significant color was found.

, Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention smoke in addition, the study showed that the edible oil, meat, or fried, steamed, is increased the risk of developing lung cancer significantly. This means that the work of the kitchen you can install a high-risk. And toxic fumes and carcinogenic, daily or weekly exposure can cause oxidative damage to lung DNA, our.

One surprising conclusion, If your parents smoke, even if I do not smoke, is that his childhood and adolescence, to double the risk of lung cancer as an adult at home anymore. Parents, once again, lit a cigarette in your next. This year, lung cancer remains the number one reason for having a life more than the combination of colon tumor, breast, and prostate cancer kills about 163,500 cases of cancer in the United States.

We can do anything to protect themselves.

If you intake, you will leave the priority for the supplement program to protect your lungs and your life of their own food and cigarettes for you: In some respects you, it is your lungs it is also very important for them to protect non-smokers smoke? You have some simple things you can do to reduce the risk.

 1) eat Broccoli and arugula

More than 125 scientific publications have demonstrated the protective effect of cruciferous vegetables lung cancer and other cancers. , Kale, including watercress arugula, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and tumors in order to promote tumor cell death to combat cancer by inhibition of carcinogen carcinogenesis in the liver, remove, detoxify removal. You can reduce the risk of cancer will use about 4 cups 500 grams per day) of 50%. This value, the search of the first line of defense office of the New York Times article on the page, of all physicians, "You are more powerful, can be done to prevent cancer by eating broccoli every day is not implied.

Many impressive number of studies, green tea, suggesting that tumor cell line growth, and lung, which is the protection of human rights. All kinds of green tea is known for its ability to reduce tumor angiogenesis, the blood. Therefore, you may want to save green tea, coffee, and your life.

For 4 your cup of vegetable brassicas, such as green tea like this every day, of people washing can not imagine, a dietary supplement called indole RX plus vitamin is the indole Vegetables - the active ingredient (I3C) Rubber - Page 3 This is the first thing every morning while you are carcinogenic when exposed to toxins: protective effect of cancer. It is also possible the active ingredient, green tea extract called EGCG, green tea.

 2)One day vitamin C zinc and selenium.

Of lung cancer patients minerals, the test of antioxidant protection as seen in the important food and Brazil nuts, almonds, fish and shellfish, such as very, shows that they have too little selenium and zinc . Mineral supplements this powerful, it is, for example, antioxidants for three days that contains other components, including cancer of the lungs a good antioxidant, DFH, EGCG, green tea extract, you can also get vitamin C and N-acetyl cysteine ??is possible.

 3). Please do not smoke or vapor in the air

If you live in your press, the city has been contaminated, and the car Please wear a protective mask on a regular basis to work with the frying oil and vehicle emissions. There is also a need to have a mixture of anti-oxidant protection, including the antioxidant fat-soluble as an antioxidant present in the LS in the final DFH and I3C, your job is filtered printer, nail polish, dry that you like You must have been exposed to chemicals such as paint and supplies.

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